27th September 2022
Written by Kiranjit Matharu, One Stop Pharmacy Manager

The team from One Stop Pharmacy are proud to share that they are taking part in this year's Stoptober Health Campaign.

Stoptober runs throughout October to encourage people to stop smoking. Evidence suggests that after 28 days without smoking, you are up to five times more likely to be able to quit permanently, so we are actively encouraging smokers to stop for the duration of the campaign. Hopefully, this will lead to changes in habits that will continue long after the campaign has finished.

There are many benefits to gain from stopping smoking, but the reason for stopping will vary from person to person. Whatever their motivation, smokers who quit will:

  • See a major improvement to their overall health
  • Save a significant amount of money
  • Have more energy, breathe easier, and have fewer fertility problems
  • Have greatly improved senses of taste and smell
  • Stop the impact they have on others from second-hand smoke

During Stoptober there will be plenty of support and encouragement available to you to help you and make quitting easier for you. Here is one website which offers help and support