Patient care

Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide medication to patients within the comfort of their home or place of stay when they need it. Our mission is to improve patient well-being and health outcomes by providing a reliable and effective service.

How do we achieve this? We want to work with you and your hospital to ensure that patient medication arrives at a date and time that is convenient to them, within the comfort of their home. Our dedicated in-house pharmacy and logistics team work closely together with your hospital clinical team to deliver a seamless service.

Our Homecare team will contact your patient within an hour using the method that they prefer and support them on the correct use and storage of their medicines. We will respond to any questions and concerns they may have.

Our NHS relations

One Stop Homecare work together with you, and your hospital to make sure your patients have the care they need when they need it. We make sure your patients’ medication is dispensed, handled, and delivered in a timely and professional manner.


Pharmaceutical Partners

Our partnership with pharmaceutical companies supports the continual development, delivery and safe use of medicines in your home. This allows us to give you all-year round patient support.

One Stop Homecare understands that you may have concerns regarding side effects from your medication, that is why we manage a robust reporting system that provides feedback on any side effects directly to the pharma companies we work with. We are always striving to improve your treatment.

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