One Stop Pharmacy and our response to COVID-19

Written by Kiranjit Matharu, Clinical Pharmacist

What is One Stop Pharmacy doing?

One Stop Pharmacy have appointed a COVID-19 lead for the in-house pharmacy coordination of activities, training and preparation in regard to the ongoing pandemic with senior management regularly reviewing the official guidance from Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England to ensure we are complying with the latest guidelines.

We have a robust business continuity plan in place that accounts for several members of staff being incapacitated at the same time and the impact this would have on the business of the pharmacy. All staff have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the business and the workload would be diverted to or between other staff that are capable of covering.

In addition, under mutual agreement, all essential staff’s annual leave for the foreseeable future has been postponed ensuring ample staffing levels at all times.

Medication Stock

We currently hold at least six weeks supply of our top 350 medicines, and we are monitoring supply and/or manufacturing disruptions on a daily basis. Any procurement issues will be relayed at the earliest opportunity and our pharmacists will suggest suitable alternatives to ensure continuity of care.

Delivery of Medications

All medicines will be delivered as normal and we anticipate no disruptions to your usual delivery schedules. All our delivery drivers have been trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should this be required. In addition to this, we currently use two specialist medical courier companies who will be utilised in the event our in-house delivery drivers become incapacitated.

Advice and Guidance

The government has access to information and guidance which is updated regularly on their website, which includes:

  • Self-isolating
  • Getting tested
  • Guidance for employers
  • Advice for healthcare workers, carers and care settings

For further information and guidance from the government, please click here There is a variety of clinical advice and guidance published to help both healthcare providers and the public to manage COVID-19. NICE has developed guidelines with NHS England and NHSE&I. To access these guidelines please click here