Specialist Hospital Clinical Services

One-Stop Pharmacy offers a range of services that meet the latest CQC and NHS Standards. We are constantly updating and developing our services and information to make sure that our clients know about and understand the latest standards. We also provide continual support to ensure that they adhere to them. When you choose One Stop Pharmacy to be your hospital service provider, we will make sure you receive the highest quality service. Medicines will be managed safely and effectively.

Medication Supply & Logistics

One Stop Pharmacy is a UK registered pharmacy and a holder of a Wholesaler Dealers License. All medicines are procured, stored, and transported in line with regulatory standards.


Medication Management

We are primarily an NHS Homecare provider for medication and pharmaceutical supplies to hospitals nationwide. Our pharmacists work with independent and NHS hospitals to provide expert clinical advice. We support our clients in achieving compliance with the regulatory standards.

Clinical Governance & Regulatory Compliance

One Stop Pharmacy are well placed to provide advice and guidance on clinical governance. We can help make sure that the principles of clinical governance are adhered to, leading to safer practices within your organisation.


CQC Support

Our pharmacists are experts in CQC regulations and compliance. At One Stop Pharmacy, we give you the best guidance to manage your medicines safely and effectively.


ePMA (Electronic Prescribing and Medication Administration) is now considered an essential tool within any hospital environment.


Training & Education

One Stop Pharmacy offers accredited training for our hospitals and organisations.

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